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Antimicrobial COVID-19 Face Masks PPE

Owners Kristin and Elizabeth started this venture when COVID-19 became part of everyday life.  A longtime friendship turned business venture took place with a background in Healthcare Uniforms and Corporate experience came together. 

 “We wanted to provide a way for our family and friends to find comfort in safety by wearing a comfortable  face mask that fit well and had a sense of style.  The antimicrobial fabric gives a welcomed extra layer of protection”

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Officially launched in 2020, MyLife Essentials got started with the common goal of creating an extra layer of protection with antimicrobial technology, but also aspiration in style.

Integrating innovative technologies that inhibit the unwanted bacteria to co-exist with soft, stretchy, and stylish fabrics available to not only healthcare workers, but to the workplace and home.

"We want runway-worthy trends to inspire our designs because, it’s extremely vital you feel confident and expressive every day. We believe in living life and feeling safe."

Q and A:

Q: How did you become business partners?

A: Liz Staggs and Kristin Kennedy have been long-time friends after meeting back in their college years. Liz owns Scrubs ‘n Style, a healthcare uniform shop in Lubbock, TX and saw a demand for quality face masks at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Kristin, like a lot of people, couldn’t find reusable face masks for her and her family.  After a long phone call, the 2 decided to take a leap and work to solve this problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q: What makes myLife Essentials masks different?

A: Through Scrubs ‘n Style, Liz had access to soft, comfortable antimicrobial fabric that would give an extra layer of protection in a face mask. After discovering that elastic ear loops only properly fit about 1/3 of the population, they decided to start with tie-masks that could easily be adjusted to fit anyone.

Q: Where are myLife Essentials masks made?

A: myLife Essentials is a sewing studio located outside of Lubbock, TX.

Q: What makes myLife Essentials face masks different from others?

A: The antimicrobial fabric used in these face masks has a unique technology behind it. The additive used to deter bacteria is actually woven into the fibers themselves. This means the antimicrobial qualities of the mask will last the lifetime of the mask without washing out.  In addition, the fabric incorporates a fluid barrier – fluids will literally bead up and roll off!  Aside from the antimicrobial fabric and cotton combination of the mask, the actual pattern has been studied and adapted to not only be a comfortable fit and size, but allow one to breathe and speak easily.  The top ties come with an adjustable lock to conveniently loosen and adjust for quick removal of the mask.  The location of the ties are made to function for air pod users as well.  All of our Antimicrobial Face Masks come with a 5 layer carbon filter that can be removed for washing and changed out as needed. 

Q: What are the education backgrounds of the owners?

A: Liz was actually an education major but has owned various businesses over the last 20 years. Kristin majored in Human Science and has worked for several large corporations in sales and marketing over the years.  Both graduated from Texas Tech University in the early 90s.

Q: How many employees work at myLife Essentials?

A: myLife Essentials has 3 employees at the time but is looking to continue to grow.

Q: What new products/ideas are in the works at myLife Essentials?

A: myLife Essentials will be continuing to pursue new ideas in making the best reuseable face mask on the market. Matching scrub caps for nurses will be available soon as well as gowns for dentist staff to wear over their scrubs.

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